Olitsky & Moskovitz

mark-and-cary_clifftop-2016_1-smallLast July, at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival , we decided to try some tunes on two banjo.  Mark had just finished making his new 5-string “minstrel” style banjo–tuned low with a big, skin head and synthetic “gut” strings. Cary brought one of his 4-string “plectrum” banjos to Mark’s camp and we found the combination of these instruments enchanting. Our banjo styles–each quirky in its own way–fit together in a manner that was both natural and exciting. We played banjo duets together a number of times that week and, before parting, decided that we should continue the collaboration.mc_fl_studio_1-small
In early December, we met at Joe Dejarnette’s Studio 808A in Floyd Virginia and recorded the tracks for our CD, “Duets.”

We expect to have the music and artwork to the manufacturer in March and have CDs in hand by April. We decided not to use a crowdfunding mechanism, but if we had a sense of how many folks think they would like a copy, it would help us know how many CDs to manufacture . So take a look and a listen to some samples in the video below. If you would like to pre-order one or more CDs, please let us know (CLICK HERE). You don’t need to pay now–just let us know what you think you’ll want to order and give us your contact info. We’ll contact you when the CD is out.


Mark and Cary